The inaugural post.

For some reason, November is bestowed a few too many distinctions: No Shave November, NaNoWriMo, and now, NaBloPoMo. To not participate in any of the aforementioned events seems remiss, so I have settled on NaBloPoMo, by process of elimination.

I’ll let the guys handle No Shave November. Sure, the winter months are upon us, so I could probably get away with pulling a Miss Grotke. But I live in Houston, and I hope this means I have at least a few weeks worth of flip-flops and shorts left. I spent much of the past four years wearing a waterproof down coat and waddling like a penguin over sheets of black ice, so Mother Nature owes me this much.

As for NaNoWriMo, I simply don’t have what it takes: the time, the dedication… oh, and something to write about. I’m pretty sure whatever I came up with would need a disclaimer along the lines of “this shit sucks,” anyway. I’d prefer to avoid that sub-title; I’m gonna save the 546,439,389 hours (just kidding; there aren’t that many hours in a month) I would have spent working on that novel and channel that energy into writing cover letters instead.

And so we have it. NaBloPoMo, I will conquer you (You can’t tell, but I keep deleting and retyping this. So far, I’ve created these variations: NoNaBloMo, NoNaBloPoMo, NoBloPoMo…).

It’s day #3, and this is blog #1. Some would argue that NaBloPoMo is already getting the best of me. To be fair, I only discovered this hallowed event…yesterday. Aside from offering this excuse, I argue that NaBloPoMo is about more than blogging in response to a prompt every day for a month. It’s about creating a mini-challenge for myself that’s achievable. This resolution to blog daily is a process with an outcome that I control completely, which is more than I can say for other aspects of my life. NaBloPoMo is about reminding myself why writing is what I love, why this is what I chose to do with my life. I’ve spent much of the past four months meticulously writing cover letters, writing for writing’s sake. With NaBloPoMo, I’m just gonna write for fun, dammit.

And maybe I’ll even make up for the three days I’ve missed by double-posting on occasion. Maybe.

On another note, who noticed that I completely forgot about Thanksgiving at the beginning of this post?